Friday, August 29, 2014

My Bedroom

        Here is my room. I have a bugs in my room like spiders and mosquitoes.  A bug bit me by the arm, and I killed it when I rolled over in my sleep. I have boxes full of stuffed animals, stocking caps, and random items.  These are the boxes I did not want to open after moving into our apartment. I have clothes spread out all over my floor.  There are probably about 15 outfits, shorts, shirts, pants, and socks.  There are also three pair of shoes on my floor and some times I can barley walk in my room without tripping. My skateboard sometimes falls over and I trip over it.

I have a dresser and it has blue paint. This dresser means a lot to me because it was a dresser that my mom and my aunt shared when they were growing up.  I am lucky that she passed it on to me. I also have a lawn chair in my room, but I am getting a couch later.  My walls are filled with a golden cross that my aunt gave me and three pictures that my sister has drawn for me.  The pictures are Elmo, a dog and a little girl.  When I have a good day at school I dive onto my bed when I get home.  I am rich beyond measure.