Friday, October 31, 2014

Ghost Story

        Did you know there is a ghost at OHS?   His name is Tanner, he is a male, and he is 13 years old. Tanner has blonde, short hair.  He is kind of skinny and tall and sometimes sprays some axe on his body.  He is always happy and he likes to wear Nike shirts.  Along with his Nike shirt, he wears Nike basketball shorts. When he is in the hallway, he helps people get to their classes.   Sometimes, if there is a lockdown and somebody comes to our school, the ghost fights them.  He protects the students by fighting the people that come in to harm the school.  The people usually say, “I AM GETTING OUT OF  THIS SCHOOL, IT IS HAUNTED!”   They run away after the ghost  has saved everyone at the school.  The people thank him even though they didn’t see him. He continues to be  a part of our school.
He shows people that he is still here by pulling pranks. Sometimes they don't mind the pranks that he does but if somebody messes with him, the ghost is going to play pranks on  you until  you cry like a baby. Then, the student will go  tell Mr. Fisher but the ghost quickly goes though the walls. Mr. Fisher thinks the student is crazy and said that there was no ghost. Two years later, the ghost went to pay back Mr. Fisher  who had  said that there was no ghost.  The ghost went to his office and stared  right in Mr. Fishers eyes Mr. Fisher looked up and saw the ghost’s scary red eye. Mr. Fisher said, “Oh my god, it’s the ghost”.  Mr. Fisher sprinted out of his office and went to the student and said there was a ghost.  Mr. Fisher said, “ I saw the ghost” and the student said, “I told you there was a ghost, you should of believed me.”  Mr. Fisher said, “I am serious that there is a ghost” and the student said, “Look it’s the ghost.” They both turned around and saw the ghost’s red mean looking eyes and they said, “I AM OUT OF HERE, THIS PLACE IS HAUNTED”.  Mr.Fisher and the student rushed outside and never returned again.
The ghost left the building and said, “That’s enough pranking now,” and he never returned again.