Friday, December 12, 2014

List Poem (Nebraska)

Address - Middle of the United States
Occupation - Farming
Favorite Color - Red
Food - Corn
Sports - Basketball "Go Big Red"

Concrete Poem

I am a square trapped
in a square. Nothing to
right. Just trapped in a
square. Blink, blink like
a square. Square that...
wants to get out of......
my box.........................

Nebraska Poem

BIG town
Game Stop
Good Dentist
Played a game there...

Trash Can (Persona Poem)

             Trash Can
I sit in the back of the room..
Nobody thinking about me until..
  They have dirty, scrumngey garbage
      into my trash can it goes.
        Abusing me every day.
             Trash Can

Found Poem from Ronald Regan's Speech

I'll meet it with joy when I dazzle with tragedy..
Courage is the quest..

Senses - Season (Winter)

Ice Cold Snow
White Snow (Fluffy Cloud)
Wind Blowing
Ice Vanilla Cream