Friday, February 20, 2015

why i want to go to college

What do you think when your parent brings up college? I think college is something you want to do because it will give you some skill in life. Sometimes your parents want to know what you want to do in life and they think college. They think college will help me find out want kinds of positions or professions are available in what interests me.

My goal is to further my education, I would like to work in computer programming
or video game design. However, i know that there are other careers I can choose to be in.
Someday I would like to live alone and need to know how to take care of myself and my finances.

So in order to live on my own I will have to find a job that will pay me so I can pay my bills. College will teach me to responsible for myself. If I don’t go to class i will still have to pay for the classes I missed. This will teach me that I need to be on time and go when I say I will. This will then help me when I get a job.

I want to go to college because I like to game and would like to be able to have money to support myself. It’s important that I find a good job and a job I don’t hate. Gaming is fun, but at college maybe I’ll find something that interests me more, as well as being able to play my favorite video game.