Thursday, April 2, 2015

Imagine running into a movie star while visiting Hollywood, seeing the miles and miles of beach, where the oceans goes on forever; this is California. There are many more things interesting about California; such as having nice weather, seeing famous people and sight seeing.
  California has a moderate temperature and varying amounts of rain fall. In the deserts the temperature can get very hot. California does have mountains where the temperature can get very cold in the winter time. Thunderstorms occur a lot in California.
Hollywood is the motion picture capitol of the world. This is where the famous people live as well. There are 150.000 people that live in Hollywood alone. The Hollywood walk of Fame is where the stars names are in bronze stars on the sidewalk, and you can see the stars of stars like; Drake, Rob Derek, and Tony Hawk. Drake is my favorite rapper, and he sings great! He lives in California. Also, Rob Derek and Tony Hawk they are professional skateboarders who also live in California. 
California is also full of great places to go and sight see. There is the Redwood Forest, the Hollywood sign, and the beach. One of the best places to go surfing is Big Surf. It is 100 miles of coastline south of Los Angeles. Sometimes there are even surfing competitions, where some of the best surfers in the world compete for prize money and recognition. But one of the biggest attractions to California is still, and always will be the famous Hollywood Sign. Everyone who comes to Hollywood can see the sign on the hill.

I suggest you go to California.  Enjoy Hollywood, the warm temperatures, and the many activities.  If you see a movie star ask for his or her autograph.  You may come home a very happy person.

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